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Earl Jackson, Jr.



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Suspense Fiction

Subj: Materials for the Hearing

Date: Saturday, May 1, 1999 02:01:06

From: Earl Jackson, Jr.

To: C. Fong

Dear Ms. Fong:

Enclosed please find the materials I am submitting as a response to
the charges of the four students from LTMO 145D who feel they received
a failing grade unfairly. The documents I have enclosed are divided into
two focus categories: (a) the structure of the course and the methods of
teaching employed; (b) pertinent examples of the work of the students in
question and my interactions with those students.



A. The Course



  1. An Overview of LTMO 145D. In this I detail the course structure, my teaching
    methods, the characteristic features of the course, and the range of activities
    I conducted as part of the course. This includes the course description,
    the list of requirements and other relevant information from the online
    syllabus. It is within the context of these requirements as delineated
    in the syllabus, and the „mini-manifesto,“ on critical precision [also
    supplied here as it appears on the syllabus] that I will present the work
    of the students in question and my interactions with them.
  2. A hard copy version of the course syllabus.
  3. The text of the summary and restatement of the fundamental issues of the
    course. This can also be found on the course web site at:

The course Web Site is continually maintained I heartily invite the
committee to browse it to get a clearer picture of the work we did and
the degree to which the students were informed of the course structure,
requirements, and practices. The base URL is

and the Interactive Syllabus begins at:

the student work with feedback is archived in several places, among
them two folders – Net One and Net 2, whose urls are

Besides the „troubleshooting“ pages in the net folders, I also highlighted
students‘ work that exemplified the kind of critical engagement encouraged.
Below are urls of some of those students‘ papers, often including my discussion
with them.:

Please consult the Syllabus and the Overview for lists and directions
to the many reference materials and research aids I have installed on this
site, and on other course sites on my domain. The Suspense Fiction course
is fully cross-referenced and hyperlinked to relevant reference materials
on the sites from previous courses I have taught. The domain,
is my own creation, and it includes all the web sites from all the courses
in which I have used them.



B. The Four Students‘ performances
in the course

  1. An example of the work of Student A and my feedback written on it. Besides
    going over these papers in class, these papers and the feedback are posted
    [without the students‘ names on them] every week on the Course Website.
    Accessing these files and responding to them are requirements of the course.
  2. An email letter to Student A about her work, particularly about her midquarter.
  3. An example of Student B’s work with my feedback, which also posted on our
    web site.
  4. Email exchanges between myself and Student B.
  5. A copy of Student B’s midquarter, with my comments written on it, which
    was first sent to her by email 24 hours after she had submitted it. This
    midquarter is also posted anonymously, and with no links to the rest of
    the course site with this url.


  7. Student C’s midquarter. Please again consult the requirements and in particular
    the „mini-manifesto“ on critical precision. It is the latter to which the
    first part of this midquarter text refers.
  8. Other instructor’s response to Student C’s midquarter.
  9. A summary of my involvement in the issue of Student C’s midquarter.
  10. A summary of my remedial work with Student D, which I did in response to
    her request for it.
  11. An email message to Student D that summarizes that situation.

I have enclosed two folders with identical contents but formatted differently.
One is compressed as a zip file, which can be opened readily with unzip
for macs or the corresponding Windows utility. The other I compressed as
a self-extracting archive, should you have any problems with the first,
this one should be fine. Please let me know if you have any problems opening
this files.

Thank you.


Earl Jackson, Jr.

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