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Earl Jackson, Jr.

The Case of The Suspense Fiction Course

Four students who failed the Suspense Fiction Course in Fall 1998, decided
to file grievances over the failing grade. They claimed that I did not
give them any idea that they were in danger of failing, that their work
and performance were clearly sufficient to pass the course, and that during
the course I never made it clear what the course requirements were, or
how assignments were to be done.

The grievance hearing was set for May 21, 1999. This site is a hypertext
version of the materials I sent Ms. C. Fong, the lawyer representing the
students, on May 1. I was unable to attend for reasons explained here and
given the committee, and I thought that these materials made my case for

The purpose of this site is neither to defame the students nor to insist
on their No Pass grade. My primary goal here is to correct the impression
of my teaching methods and commitment to teaching that resulted from the
misinformation in the students‘ letters, the information that the principle
parties did not have at the time of important decisions, and the series
of events surrounding the hearing itself.

I begin this site, as I began the response to the charges, with an overview
of the course LTMO 145D, Suspense Fiction, as I designed and taught it
in Fall 1998. It is within that context that I will consider the students‘

1. How I taught Suspense Fiction
in 1998

2. The Four Students

3. Pre- and Post-history.



Students A and B   Student C Student  D
Student  A

work with  Earl Jackson, Jr.’s feedback 

[as posted
on site

Student  B

work with  Earl Jackson, Jr.’s feedback 

[as posted on
 Student C’s Midquarter Jackson’s Letter
to Committee 


Student A  Midquarter

with Jackson’s feedback
Student B


with Jackson’s 

The Other



to Student C’s 

Email letter 11.11.99

From Earl Jackson, Jr. to Student  A 

concerning her work, particularly her midquarter
Email exchange


Jackson and Student  B

the opening of the midquarter with the 

course „Manifesto„

the general claims of no resources 

and the „Training“ features
of the course as described 

and catalogued on the

Especially troubleshooting

and peer
  the history of Jackson’s 

involvement  with 

Student C’s midquarter


 The Pre- and
Post-history of the Failures
I taught Suspense Fiction in 1998

Earl Jackson, Jr.