From: Someone
To: Earl Jackson

Obviously, due to circumstances of your life, whatever they are,
you are not fit to teach a university class that includes human
lectures. Maybe fifty years from now when human contact won’t be
necessary at all and the entire class can be run from a computer terminal
you will do fine. You have not done fine with this class. It has been a
complete joke. Every day I attend hoping that maybe you will show up and
we will have a class, but there always seems to be some problem. I
understand from your point of view these problem could not be avoided,
but if that is the case then, like I said, you are not fit to teach the

I don’t really know what the monitary breakdown of tuition per
class would come out to, all I know is that I want mine back. I am
writing to you first to see what you have to say about the situation. If
you have nothing to say and can find no way to compensate me for the
money lost this quarter on your class then I will try to work something
out with the university.

I am a first year college student and this is the type of thing
that I was warned would happen in a big university. I never believed it
though. Until now. I am very disappointed.

[name deleted]

ps, I think you are a funny and interesting guy and obviously know what
you are talking about, but it takes more than just that to teach.

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