From: Earl Jackson, Jr.
To: Scott C. Davis
Re: Poignant Cries of Students

That was wonderful! I want to post it just as is on the web, but I was thinking that the preface you wrote for my book would make an interesting response to those poignant voices.

But I think it would be even better, if I post it before I hear from you about it, that way, first of all, you cannot be held responsible for the message, and secondly it will them a demonstration the problems we were talking in terms of the Other, and how to determine what voices come from where and who is being addressed. I would of course add a framework to it to make clear your voice is in the message, you authorizing consciousness to direct that message at the students is not there (as of the posting anyway, which is why I will post it before I send you this message, otherwise you might give me permission before I post, and the point would be ruined. So just click HERE and see your preface purloined and your message misdirected. Best, Ear