From: Someone
To: Earl Jackson
Re: Unfit

dear Earl, thak you for posting my letter ot you on the web with the
link „Nursery“. For the record though I am twenty years old.
Obviously the stuff you said in that email you wrote me back was just a
bunch of bologna that you made up so I wouldn’t complain to some board about
your teaching habits, since obviously you didn’t take my note seriously
and don’t take me seriously.

This is a problem that I have
encountered a few too many times in this first quarter of college. It
seems that people, like you, who are filled to the brim with facts and
figures and theories and what not, and have more age than I (I found it
particularly offensive that you would mention my age, even though you
were wrong, because making a point of something as meaningless as age as a
defense mechanism is almost as immature as the letter I wrote. You might as
well have called me a [word deleted] or a [word deleted].) What was I talking

Oh, yes. I remember. You people, and I expected it less of you
that is why I am so perturbed (sp?), think that because you have all this
„stature“ and rank in society that makes you a better person. Well, I
am of the correct opinion that this is not the case. If you wanted to
critique my letter and point out grammatticcal errors I would have read
them with delight, but you wanted to make fun of me and that is not
nice. Now I know what you are saying to yourself, you’re saying,“But
Max, weren’t you attacking my person when you wrote that first spurious
email?“ And the answer is „Yes.“ So what do I have to say about that?

well, I can’t think of anything good or witty or sharp or critical to say
so let me throw out a quote here: „It is not only the giraffe that can eat
the top branches of trees, Brachiasaurs could do it too, but they are all

So with that I can’t decide whether to say fuck you , have a nice day or
see you in class. I am wary of all three for reasons you can probably

ps, or maybe you weren’t being sarcastic at all by posting my letter.
maybe you just wanted to show all perspectives. but now I’m being
sarcastic. but if this the Truth forget all the stuff I just wrote.
oh, and if you want to say „fuck you“ to me I read my email just about
every day. also I will be telneting to this adress over Christmas break
if you don’t get to in until then so write to me if you want. We’ll be
here with smiles on our faces.

talk to you later earl.

[name deleted]

pps, I am not a mean guy, I’m just bored.

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