lets seminar

and Lacan

Jackson, Jr.




everyone, as we approach the midpoint
of the course, I think it’s important to do intensive check-in
and directed exercises
toward more interactivity from all seminarians. As one small step toward
this end, I would like everyone to do the following, ideally by Monday
afternoon, so I will have time to
, read and reflect on them before class on Tuesday. Please answer
the following questions, and your answers can be as long and as variously
discursive as you like





1. Please describe your primary research interests.

2. Why did you initially decide to take a seminar entitled „Freud and
Lacan.“ (Please confine your answer to your reasons BEFORE the first meeting
of the seminar.)

3. Before the seminar began, what did you consider the primary reasons
humanities scholars had for studying psychoanalytic theory?

4. At present (early November, 1997), what would you say is the point
of this seminar? Or, if you would like the question framed in a less seemingly
proto-existentialist way, what would you say is the project of this seminar?

5. Do you see specific ways in which the material we are reading and
discussing has or may inform the ways you are or will pursue your critical
inquiries in your areas of primary interest? If so, please elaborate to
whatever extent that is possible.

6. [This question is much broader and more speculative than it may sound
at first reading – it is NOT asking you for your paper topic or even any
tentative commitment to a paper topic now. This is an exercise in directed
quasi-free association. Read the question as many times as it takes until
it you can read it without hearing it as a request for paper topic. Then
don’t read it for a few hours or overnight. Then come back to it, read
it, and answer it.] What would you like to write about that would fit into
the project of this seminar. Briefly explain why what this hypothetical
topic would fit into the project of this seminar.

7. Name the killer in Friday the 13th

To the First Respondent