module six

The You Turn[s]
The You Turn[s]

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The Steve R. response one

You Speak

The Modules
Module Two
Preliminary Communications
First Responses from the 1997 Hysteria and Paranoia Seminar (190E)

Critical Conditions
A complex including Isaac’s questions; and Earl’s provisional Manifesto for the Seminar and working Definition of Sexually Marginal Critical Practice]

Kate’s InterventionA must read. A must respond. Eric S.’s Response to Kate Amanda’s Response to Eric Eric’s Response to Amanda

Hot Potatoes

a discussion string that really takes off – on questions surrounding the „intelligibility of „feminine sexuality“, the role that the women who were the case studies in Studies on Hysteria played in the formation of psychoanalytic theory and practice; the future of hysteria; and lots more. This is a great start!

Leslie G. on the consequences, in the „talking cure“, of what is said for what had been seen.
Aaron G. on what James Spader really wants.
Conversations from the first Hysteria and Paranoia Seminar. Both screennames and proper names have been changed. Extremely Important!

Paul S. Bauman
– One of the Stellar lights of the Original Class, writes us from New York City, Looking at the Web Site and the Two years that have intervened. His messages:
  • Ghosts on a Clothesline
  • U Always
  • Beyond the Broken I’s

Trouble Shooting

This is where I take sections of students response papers (having removed all traces of each writer’s identity, and highlight, discuss, and make suggestions regarding areas in these texts that reflect problems in conceptualization, argumentation, grammar, and style. These will be problems that I see recur with such frequency that articulating them here through a concrete example will serve as a resource for everyone.

Trouble Shooting Part One
Trouble Shooting Again
Models and Mayhem> An Improvisation
Amanda R.
Amanda Response Two
Amanda Response Three
Amanda Response Four
Aaron and Steve on „Motel Architecture“ Things Were Done
I Acted Out . .
Here Comes Everybody!
– The message Earl sent to the students two weeks prior to the beginning of the seminar. It is a form whose content keeps rearriving. A message you can read now, and understand and its leisure.

The Pop Quiz on Daniel Paul Schreber [Hotlinked to Answer Sheet!
Conversational Swedish Tips


Sexually Marginal Critical Practice: An opening manifesto
Isaac’s Questions – that began the classMenu of Conversations
Metamenu of Courses
Search Engine Catalog Construct

Earl Jackson, Jr.
Spring 97

Senior Seminar:
Hysteria and Paranoia 2.0