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2/4/97 19:54:12 Opening Instant Message Log 2/4/97

Said Yes 2: Hi there, still composing music?

PunkStar: Yah who’s this

Said Yes 2: We went out once about 2 years ago when u were in Beware Sleestak

PunkStar: I was pretty wigged out 2 years ago. You’re going to have to refresh my memory.

Said Yes 2: I had given a modem to my friend, Trinidad, for his birthday, and while I was showing him how to operate AOL, I started I chatting with you (I was in Santa Cruz, but you were in San Francisco), and we hit it off and you told me to look you up when I got back to the city. Then you picked me up in a car, but you had forgotten your wallet. We drove back to your place but I had to wait in the car since your sister was doing repressed memory therapy over the phone. We drove to Sutro Tower and looked at the city and we had shakes and fries at Mickey’s Diner. I live with a bald cat..

PunkStar: Oh yah

PunkStar: I think that was right before i was institutionalized

PunkStar: : )

Said Yes 2: Wow I’m sorry how’re u doing now if that’s not too patronizing

PunkStar: A bit better

Said Yes 2: That’s good

PunkStar: How’s the teaching career going

Said Yes 2: Good thanks

PunkStar: I’m thinking about becoming a teacher but I can’t decide.

Said Yes 2: I love it

PunkStar: Hey you’re the psycho with the web page after me!

Said Yes 2: I’m not a psycho and I have five web sites and none of them are „after you.“

PunkStar: Ok

Said Yes 2: Well i have no idea what that was about but i’m glad you’re satisfied 😉

PunkStar: Some one made a web page out of me and I thought it was you.

Said Yes 2:Of course not! why would I do that?I didn’t even know you.

PunkStar: That’s why I thought you were a psycho.

Said Yes 2: Well ask first before calling people that it‘ ll backfire.
PunkStar: If they’re that overly sensitive then we’re bound to backfire eventually….so i’d rather get it out of the way

Said Yes 2: No I mean if other people overhear you – you don’t want to sound paranoid

PunkStar: I am paranoid I can’t help it

Said Yes 2: But it’s good not to sound that way . We’re all paranoid. You’d be crazy not to be.

PunkStar: Besides, I know you did something with a picture of mine and web page.

Said Yes 2: I can’t imagine why I would.

PunkStar: Come on ‚fess up.

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