last resorts

last resorts

Last Resorts

I compiled the sites that I thought you should ABSOLUTELY know about in preparation for your final paper. And even among these, if anything has a triple star to its left, consider it a proleptically rewarded duty to visit those sites as part of the studying/research you’re doing now. And Bookmark them too please. You’ll see what I mean. Earl.

On Line Libraries

Banned Books On-line

Humanities Multi-Resources


The Voice of the Shuttle

The Voice of the Shuttle is the justly renowned megasite woven by Professor Alan Liu at the University of California, Santa Barbara. If you’ve never visited it, I would only be wasting time to time to describe the immensity, the richness, and the invaluable opportunities Professor Liu places at your fingertips. And this would be time you could be pointing your browser at the Shuttle’s opulent warp and woofs and beginning your new life!

  • ÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site
  • On-Line Literary Resources: Theory (Jack Lynch, U. Penn)
  • Humanities HUB maintained at Griffith University, Brisbane Australia

  • U. Penn ÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site
  • Guides for Grammar and Style

    • The Words of Art Glossary
      Don’t pay attention to how the title of this web site sounds. It is one of the most complete, erudite, informative, and economically sound info and definiton checkpoints running. And it’s not just about art. You can get definitons of terms from Lacanian psychoanalysis, all flavors of Marxism, deconstruction, poststructuralism, linguistics. It’s a major helper and please use it.

    • Abandonment:
      An Email Melodrama
      performed by
      Leslie Grant
      Aaron Goldman
    • Guide to Doing the Research Paper (Paul Brians, Washington State U.)
    • Jack Lynch’s Grammar and Style Notes
    • William Strunk, The Elements of Style (1918)
    • U. Illinois Writing Center’s Handbook (gopher guidebook on bibliographical style and grammar)

    • U. Victoria English Dept.’s Writer’s Guide
    • AAUP Guidelines for Preparing an Electronic Manuscript
    • MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources
    • Online Aids for Composing and Revising
    • Beyond the MLA Handbook (Harnack/Kleppinger)
      • Review article of Pornography in Ancient Greece and RomeBryn Mawr Review (Summer 1993). This is Earl at his most diatribinous. Read this and you will no longer quiver at the sight of one of your assignments and Earl’s comments materializing on your computer screen.

        Our Own Private Resources

        The introductory materials on hysteria are on module one

        The introductory materials on paranoia are on module three

        The bibliographies are on module 4

        The Metamenus for this and related courses are at:

        Our catalogue of Search Engines

        Ferdinand de Saussure’s purloined letter

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      • Trouble Shooting Sprees:
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        A Conversation on Time, Reality, and [Philip K.] DickRoberto Freedman and Earl Jackson, Jr.

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