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Psychoanalysis Links

Psychoanalysis Links

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History of Psychoanalysis Headlines Index

Sigmund Freud in Paris

Freudian Biosocial Model

The Sigmund Freud Archives and the Freud Exhibit at the Library of Congress

The Incendiary Device

Freud As Collector

freud-lacan (Bilingual Freudo-Lacanian List for Psychoanalysis)


Lacan Links

The Lacan Web

Lacan and French Theory

Nietzsche und Lacan



The Mind as Conflict and Compromise Formation

Changes in Psychoanalytic Technique: Progressive or Retrogressive?

Erotic Terror: Male Patients‘ Horror of the Early Maternal Erotic Transference


The Johns Hopkins Press has made available to subscriber institutions an impressive number of scholarly journals, among them, American Imago . Fortunately, UCSC is a subscriber, and therefore these journals are accessible from campus machines.Below are two articles from American Imago you may find interesting the context of this course. Please also search and browse Project Muse, and let the reference librarian know that you are using it and how it was helpful to you (or let me know and I will compile usage statistics). If the library doesn’t get such information, they may have to discontinue this extraordinary and invaluable service.

Danielle Knafo, „Dressing Up and Other Games of Make-Believe: The Function of Play in the Art of Cindy Sherman“ American Imago 53:2

Steven Z. Levine „Virtual Narcissus: On the Mirror Stage with Monet, Lacan, and Me“ American Imago 53:1



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