Quiz on Schreber’s Thought>

Quiz on Schreber’s Thought>

LTMO 190E Earl Jackson, Jr.
Pop Quiz I Spring 1997

Hysteria and Paranoia Seminar


A. Identifications: Choose 10-12 of the items below and give definitions for them, as close to Schreber’s conceptions as possible. (You must do ten of them for full credit. Any number of them over ten, will give you extra credit, if > you answer them correctly. But they must be so correct that they exceed my knowledge of the terms meanings in the extent that I mark them wrong, thus exposing your greater knowledge of the terms [even if, ironically, I fail you on the test].

1. the Basic language 2. the tying-to-celestial-bodies
3. Blessedness 4. „miracled“
5. rays 6. Ahriman
7. „http://www.underground.net/Art/Crime/serial.html“> the Order of the World 8. the-writing-down-system
9. the-play-with-human-beings

B. Language

1. God’s peace 2. the suspended under Cassiopeia

3. armamentarium 4. removing the boots 5. left to rot

C. Complete the phrase or sentence. The phrases below each have something missing. Restore what is missing, making sure the completed sentence is correct and makes sense.

1. Why don’t you 2. Now he should
3. But then for how much longer 4. And why

5. Oh damn 6. A real El

D. Please do not answer the following question

I had said that this quiz would be given either yesterday, today, or next Tuesday. Why did that mean I had to give it today?

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