you seemed so

it was supposed to be mine

Date: Tuesday, April 15, 1997 14:09:42

From: Semiosis

Subj: Re: Re: coming apart
at the semes

To: Earl Jackson, Jr.

I can’t accept an apology, because it was supposed
to be mine (that is, it was „intended“ to be mine which goes to show the
problematic nature of such a concept in any form of communication, much
more so in an an epistolary one). I felt very ashamed that I hadn’t kept
in touch with you in so long, and when I found the crystal
page under the hyperlink „To see a conversation resume, click
HERE“, I felt I hadn’t been keeping my implicit end of the bargain.

The only thing with which I thought I could appropriately
respond was a memoir of another interrupted conversation, behind which
burned the same flame I found on the page in question. I hope your
is progressing quickly. It’s hard to bear the thought of you
suffering in the ways you described. You’ve always seemed
so fragile
to me, which is probably why you so quickly became a constellation
of identification for me,
a non-ego ideal

Feel free to exerpt anything from the last letter,
even though some of my esoteric phrasing sometimes embarasses
me a little
. Its always interesting to see the ways in which you
some of my utterances and the tangled links
you graft onto them (smiles in a formica counter-top :-).


The beast breathes around
the corner


Earl Jackson, Jr.


and Paranoia