your body wants

 Walking To The Ocean This Morning

The truth of the matter is I like to be beaten
and then fucked like a
. I don’t just mean on my hands and knees, I mean hard and carelessly.
I want someone relentless. When I was with Tom,
before, saying no in the morning could easily be followed with a slap in
the face and a spanking so hard it would send my crawling from room to
room looking for escape in fear of even being touched on my now burning
ass, until he would decide to catch me and fuck

roughly on the floor. I’d start out whimpering and end up moaning within
minutes. Once he had me at that place he liked to threaten to stop just
to hear me beg him not to. Tom loved to create situations that would totally
turn what I thought I wanted at that moment to the opposite, from saying
I didn’t want to have sex that morning to begging him not to stop fucking
my spanked ass. He didn’t force me to do anything, he just created situations
in which I wanted what he was going to give me anyway. Sometimes
fuck me
real hard and then pull out, holding my
legs straight up in the air
in a flying V, looking at my enlarged
suck air in to fill the vacancy, begging for his cock to return.
I loved being so vulnerable. I loved it when my tits or my cock or my asshole
would destroy my
own ego
with their needs. If your body wants something bad enough you
can’t say no no matter how humiliating. He could say anything, call
me anything,
make me do anything, after which I would immediately start
beggin for his
. At those moments, I didn’t matter, only
my ass