Advanced Reading One Eigh

Advanced Reading One
Sean Hansen and Earl
Jackson, Jr.

Subj: final

Date: Sunday, June 6, 1999 7:01:50 PM

From: Sean Hansen

To: Earl
Jackson, Jr.

Dear Earl,

I have been diligently working on writing a final paper that is a true
reflection of the many things that I’ve learned from the course. Unfortunately,
that means that things are going a little bit slowly. I will be sure to
have the paper to you by Friday the 11th. I’m writing about the act of
storytelling in The Wind Up Bird Chronicle and the way that it relates
to the different ways of reading which we discussed on the final
day of lecture
. I’m not sure how to site this portion of the discussion
or if there is a primary source for the idea of three types of reading
that I could look at. Any assistance you might be able to offer

would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.

Sean Hansen

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Earl Jackson, Jr

Spring 1999