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Spring 1999

Earl Jackson, Jr.

Advanced Reading
One To See  Sean Hansen and Earl Jackson, Jr.

Subj: Re: japan final question 

Date: Monday, June 7, 1999 4:34:51 PM 

Subj: Re: japan final question 

From: Sean hansen 


Dear Earl, 

Thanks very much for being so prompt in getting
back to me
. Your expanded explanation really helped me to get my hands
around the whole idea a little better. My thesis is essentially that „Wind
Up Bird Chronicle“ is an exercise in storytelling (small stories from the
minor characters as well as the larger story of Mr. Wind up Bird). Since
most of these stories do not end at the place that it would seem they should,
and because there really is no clear „point“ or ends to many of them I 

started to ask myself why they were there, why
the book was written. It seems to me that the act of telling one’s story
is also an act of reading, the third sort of reading which we discussed
to be more specific. The telling of one’s own story allows the teller to
read their own life for meaning, an act which is made necessary by the
loss of frameworks in postmodern life. I think I’m getting much closer
to saying what I want to say. Thanks for your help. 


Date: Monday, June 7, 1999 6:23:17 PM 

From: Earl Jackson, Jr. 

To:, Tomrip5 

Wow Sean, that’s great! See why I say that „conversation“
is such an important
? I like to clarify my ideas within a conversation too and I see
what you mean so much better than I did. I like the function you give the
story’s failure – it provides the frame for the reader’s story who needs
that frame because of the loss of an earlier context [the wages of the
postmodern]. I think you definitely have something there. 


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