The New Dolphin Hotel

Jackson, Jr.

LTMO 152c

Winter 1998

The Modern Japanese Novel

The Modern Japanese Novel

of the first three weeks of

the Old Dolphin Hot

to the New Dolphin Hotel


Week One
Sei Shonagon The Pillow Book

Week Two

Murakami Haruki Dance, Dance, Dance

Week Three

John Philip Long, Madame Butterfly

David Henry Hwang M. Butterfly

Week Four

Higuchi Ichiyo „Flowers at Dusk“ [R]

Ihara Saikaku [Selected Gesaku] [R]

Week Five

Natsume Soseki Pillow of Grass [R]

Week Six

Uno Chiyo Confession of Love

Week Seven

Akutagawa Ryunosuke „Hell Screen“ [R]

Tanizaki Jin’ichiro „A Portrait of Shunkin“ [R]

Week Eight

Mishima Yukio „The Boy who Wrote Poetry“ [R]

Mishima Yukio The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Week Nine

Oe Kenzaburo „Seventeen“ [R]

Oe Kenzaburo The Silent Cry

Week Ten

Tanizaki Jin’ichiro The Key


Texts, unless otherwise indicated, are available
at the Bay Tree Bookstore. In the above list, titles followed by [R]
are in the reader, available at the Copy Center in the Communications
Building on Campus. Click here
for a full table of contents for the reader. Long’s Madame
is online

Course Requirements
Regular attendance at lecture; weekly responses
to the class reading (one-two pages) to be submitted electronically to
the special class email address [see below] by 17.00 every Friday; one
take-home midquarter which will consist of one 5-7 page essay, double-spaced,
properly annotated and including a bibliography in accordance with the
MLA Style Sheet; one take-home final examination, same format. Every student
is required to have an active email account. Students will be expected
to confer with each other regularly in open and semi-open fora on email
and to keep logs of such interchanges, some of which are to be printed
and disseminated the class Web Site.

Class E-mail Address

To avoid getting lost in the cybershuffle as
well as other confusions and discombobulations, I have created a special
email address to be used only by the members of this class for anything
relating to this class, for the duration of this class (or no longer than
two weeks after the end of this class.) The email address is:

Please use this one from now on.
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Japanese Literature Resources

Japanese Literary History Overview

Context Reading One

Classical Japanese Resources

An Essay on the Kokin Waka Shu
by Professor Lewis Cook


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PostModern Japan and EuroAmerica

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The Voice of the Shuttle

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Japanese Literature Resources

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Student Responses

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Context Reading One

Essay on The Kokin Waka Shu by Professor
Lewis Cook