From: Katherine Elizabeth Darnell (1/29/98)
To: Earl Jackson, Jr.

i am in total agreement with the theory of the fetish and sexual politics
being prevalent in east-west relations. but i find a minor contradiction
with using a freudian based model, which i consider outmoded and
irrelevant, to explain this. i disagree that children see the female as
inherently lacking something, a penis, and then either are faced with
paranoia or the fetish. i think that in international relations the
basic idea of the fetish is activated but i don’t necessarily understand
or see the connection of this fetish-result to sexual differences.

i think it works on a level of a basic fear of the other, be it male or
female, and then one will try to radically alienate that other or else
work to psychicly assimilate the other into form of oneself. but i do
not necessarilly attach this to sexual development.

however, i do see how sexual politics function in relation to japan in
terms of feminizing the culture to render it less competitive or
threatening psychically.

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