Date:   Wednesday, February 25, 1998 9:34:49 PM
From:    Alexis Ford 
Subj:    LTMO 152c midterm paper
To:      Earl Jackson, Jr. 

I am a student in LTMO 152c. I am quite confused about the requirements 
for the class. I understood that I could write a midterm paper and a 
final paper instead of the weekly responses. Is this correct? And, if so, 
when are these midterm papers due and what are the topics? Unfortunately, 
I am not the most computer literate person (although I am learning) and 
have had difficulty really understanding how to retrieve things off of 
the website. I hope I am not too late. 
As long as I have your attention, I would like to comment on something 
that we covered in class a little while ago. Although I appreciate the 
position that Western literary study looks for "depth" and often limits 
interpretation to this, I am curious about the distinction between what we 
term "depth" and the intricate connections of meanings that we have 
acknowledged in some of these Japanese texts (particularly Dancex3). Can 
we define "depth"? I agree that Western literary study places value 
on this, particularly as opposed to "surface", but I think it is 
important to define what we mean by this before trying to understand a 
Japanese approach to multiple meanings in a text.
I look forward to hearing from you on both topics. Thank you!

Alexis Ford

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