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May Day Movies

A Film Series Curated by Earl Jackson, Jr.

Thursdays and Friday Evenings in May

7.30 PM  Social Sciences II, Room 75, UCSC Campus

Free and Open to the Public

Sponsored by Another Scene

Treasure Island  (Scott King 1999)

Treasure Island, written and directed by Scott King,
is one of the most original and daring U. S. films in recent years. A 
exploration of the sexual and gendered politics of racism in World War
II U. S., it follows two cryptographers who are given the corpse of an
enlisted man. They are charged with writing letters in code to plant on
the soldier’s body, which will then be dumped off the coast of Japan to
convince the Japanese of a imminent U. S. invasion. Both cryptographers,
however, have secret lives and are each psychotic. When the corpse starts
interfering in those secret lives, the network of thought disorders that
comprise U.S. life become exposed to the unforgiving scrutiny of King’s

Hilarious, frightening, titilating and entrancing, the
film won a special prize at the the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, but no
U. S. distributor would touch it.  I think it important enough to
screen it on campus and encourage other screenings and discussions of the


Begotten (E. Elias Merhige, 1991)

Begotten is a psychomythic documentary from inside the
guts of a savage god and related vermin. A harrowing ecstasis/exposé
of the eucharist as throbbing gristle. One of the most beautiful films
of the recent fin-de-siecle, and one that puts the awe- back in awful.
A lacerating, traumatic vision that addicts as it repulses.



7.30 Pm

Soc. Sci. II Room 75

UCSC Campus

Free and Open to the Public


7.30 Pm

Soc. Sci. II Room 75

UCSC Campus
Free and Open to the Public
April 26
Treasure Island

Scott King 1999
May 3 

Lot in Sodom (Watson & Webber 1933)

Begotten (E. Elias Merhige 1991)



May 4

Treasure Island

(Scott King 1999)

May 10

Ashes of Time

(Wong Kar-wai 1993)

May 11

The Passion of Joan of Arc

(Carl-Th. Dreyer 1928)

[Screened Silently]

May 17

Ashik Karib

(Sergei Paradzhanov 1988)

May 18


(John Parker 1953)

May 24

The Adjuster

(Atom Egoyan 1991)


May 25

Machiste in Hell

(Guido Bergnone 1926)

May 31


(Robert Bresson 1983)