Grammateidia tés narkés

of Meaning

a seminar

Jackson, Jr.


Winter 1999

Grammateidia tés narkés

Online Journals in Classics


The Ancient History Bulletin
Arachnion –
Journal of Ancient Literature & History
This is one of the nearly fifty scholarly journals now digitalized and
made available for free from Johns Hopkins University Press over the computers
of students and faculty of institutions whose library has subscribed to
this remarkable new program, called Project
. Fortunately, UCSC is one of
those universities. This means you can call up any article from any of
these archived journals and print it up for free. And better still, the
search engine on that Project Muse site is capable of doing pretty sophisticated
searches of the database of archived journals on line. I have used it several
times already in preparaing for this seminar. And I sincerely hope you
will too. In fact, we should all not only make a point of using it [I’ll
bring in examples of how useful it is] but we should always drop ther reference
librarian and/or the Dean [both] a line letting them know how much we have
been using it and what a boon it has been. In times of perpetual budget
cuts, libraries are hit first (like in Alexandria), and within the library,
journals are the first to go. This Muse subscription allows the library
to do away with piecemeal subscriptions to many journals, but if there
is little sign that it is being used, we would have reason to fear the
Muse may not smile upon us for long.
Arion – A Journal of Humanities
& the Classics
The Bryn Mawr Classical
The BMCR is a periodical entirely comprised of reviews of books on subjects
of interest to Classicists. It’s wide-ranging and often provocative, and
definitely any one in the field would read. Now it’s easier than ever to
read it, whether in the field or on the bleachers. Professor James O’Donald
is responsibile for making this very influential journal available to everyone
for free. It will be delivered as email free of charge. For information
on subscription email to bmrc@cc.brynmawr.EDU
or can be obtained from the the University of Virginia Gopher –

THIS for a by-no-means random or innocent sample.

An exciting Journal of historiographical research from Italy.
Antiquity: Communicating the Classics
An electronic newsletter/journal from the University of Tanzania which
distributes new work in classics worldwide for free and at the speed of

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