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Histories of


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Earl Jackson, Jr.


Winter 1999

Databases and Bibliographies

Bibliotheca Classica Selecta

Gnomon bibliographische Datenbank.
A stellar bibliographic database for Classical Research, housed in Germany.

Bibliographical Aids Maintained by the classics librarians at the University of Kentucky.

SYNOPSIS Annual Index of Greek Studies – This includes modern Greek studies, of course.

Bibliographic Search (Australian National Centre for Excellence in Maritime Archaeology)

Classical Bibliography Database

Aeschylus bibliography

Ancient Medicine – Bibliographical Resources Bibliographie homÈrique 1991-97 (Projet Homerica)

Homère ‡ travers les livres

Pindar Bibliography

Short Bibliography on Thucydides Lowell Edmunds

Bibliography of Hellenistic Poetry Martijn Cuypers

Bibliography of Callimachus

Bibliography for Apollonius Rhodius

Cicero Bibliography (Bob Cape, Chris Craig)
Auswahlbibliographie zu Cicero (Joachim Gruber)

Classical Theatre

Aeschylus bibliography


Bibliography – compiled by John Porter

Bibliography on Euripides

Bibliography by David Rosenbloom of VUW Classics. .


Apollodorus‘ Library at The Perseus Project


UMI-Dissertations Abstracts

DISS: Dissertation Abstracts On-line


Brown University Theses in Classics


Oxford University Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents


A bibliography of Greek Rhetoric and Prose Style by Hardy Hansen.


A short bibliography of Thucydides Bibliography by Lowell Edmunds.


The Categories

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Digital Canon 

Complete Primary Texts on line

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Linguistic Resources – Language/Philology/Lexicography

Paidia 3


Philosophy ResourcesGeneral

Paidia 4


Philosophy Resources 
Greek and Roman

Paidia 5


Resources on† 
Individual Thinkers† 
and Schools†

Paidia 6


History and Culture† 
of Archaic and Classical Greece and Rome

Paidia 7

Belles Sémata lugra 

Literature and Performance

Paidia 8

Grammateidia tés


Electronic Classics Journals

Paidia 9


Bibliographies and Databases

Paidia 10

Institution-restricted resources

Paidia 11

Sunousia cybernetica 

Discussion Lists, newsgroups, online seminars, newsletters

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