Philosophia Ancient Philosophy Resources

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a semin

Jackson, Jr.


Winter 1999

[Philo-] Sophistikoi

Ancient Philosophy Resources

There will be some overlap with the preceding resource lists. The Primary
Text Archives
includes the primary ancient philosophical texts, and
some of those archives, such as The
Perseus Project
offer secondary sources, lexicogaphical tools specifically
for research in ancient philosophy, and historico-cultural background.
Many of the General Philosophy Resources I surfed,
included important components that serve as Ancient Philosophy resources
directly or provide links to those resources.

This report and listing the resources I found specifically for ancient
Mediterranean philosophy, is therefore a synthesis of digital entities
I discovered during directed searches for ancient philosophy-specific resources
and a distillation of such resources I gathered through the resources of
the previous two categories as well as other related categories.

of the Shuttle
Cambridge Classics External Gateway to Humanities Resources
A limited-search Search Engine for
Classical Studies on the Internet

A limited-area Search Engine for Philosophy Research
on the Internet

Project Perseus
I’ll have a lot to say about Perseus.
Here it stands for a compendium of primary texts, an online encyclopedia
on classics, an atlas, a catalogue of references and articles, and much
Greek Philosophy
John Burnett’s classic monograph on Early Greek Philosophy,
now hypertexted, and fully contextualized into a larger Internet learning
environent at Evansville. See the items under Plato-specific sites.

Plato Specific Sites

The 4th Tetrology: Exploring
Plato’s Middle Dialogues
Professor Anthony F. Beavers’s site
is part of a multiple site environment from the amazing classicists-cum-cyberpioneers
at Evansville. A lucid and elucidating labyrinth of directories, online
texts (primary and secondary sources) and hypertexted and contemporarily
annotated „classics“ in Classics, beginning with John Burnett’s
Greek Philosophy
This site is from the fine folks
who bring us the Argos

search engine, Exploring Ancient
World Cultures
, and much else besides.
Plato and His
ÝBernard Suzanne