All Adjective Copula the Noun Phrase

All Adjective Copula the Noun Phrase
Earl Jackson, Jr.

Out There: Science Fiction Practice and Theory

Week One Readings: The Time Machine

Here’s some more pointers – especially about evolution. We have to remember what a powerful and dangerous concept this was when Wells was writing. Of course, we’d have to teach today’s children about it, which isn’t allowed any more, for fear of offending people too barbarous to be qualified parents. I guess their existence is a compelling counterargument to evolution after all. In any case, here are some (YES!!!) links on evolution as background to The Time Machine:
The WWW Virtual Library: Evolution (Biosciences)

Charles Darwin – The Origin of SpeciesYep – the entire book online

RIVER OUT OF EDEN: A Darwinian View of Lifeby the debonaire Richard Dawkins

The Evolution of Life on the Earth Stephen J. Gould

Week One Readings: „All Mimsy Were the Borogoves“

The great thing about Science Fiction is that its practice often performs the transformations that a critical theory might postulate. If science fiction is theoretically subversive of „identity“ in its use of the kinds of sciences that break down apparent unities into chaotic complexes, and decenter the once central cogito, in Louis Padgett we have a writer’s whose very nature is anti-’natural‘- whose essential characteristic is an anti-essence, and non-self-identical non-being. Not an individual masculine subject, not an entity – but a collaboration – of the writers Catherine L. Moore and Henry Kuttner. The two writers were originally introduced to each other by H.P. Lovecraft. They fell in love, married, and often wrote collaboratively, under a variety of different „joint“ psuedonyms, or at times taking either one or the other’s „real“ name. They each also had separate writing careers, although they were very porous apparently.

Click HERE for J. Wenn’s bibliography of Moore and Kuttner. Wenn does a great job of handling the difficulting in extricating the „identities“ of each writer and their various pseudonyms. The bibliography appears courtesy of the SFLOVERS mailing list.

The Story – the Carroll Connection

CLICK HERE for the Full Text of Lewis Carroll’s „The Jabberwocky“

CLICK HERE for tandem exegeses (?) of „The Jabberwocky“

CLICK HERE for links that shed light on the importance of Lewis Carroll for science fiction and for certain kinds of modern speculative ludicity (note I did not say „lucidity“ – the word I used is my own invention.

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