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Jackson, Jr.


Resistance, Negation, Repudiation

Below is a letter sent to me by
Mr. Tim Gilman when he was a student in my Semiotics
and Psychoanalysis
course. At the bottom of this page is a link to
a letter Mr. Gilman sent me approximately a year later, shortly before
taking my Freud
and Lacan Seminar

Subj:Today’s Lecture, Answer

Date: Wed, Jan 31, 1996 09:24 PST

From: tgilman@xxx

To: Earl Jackson, Jr.

Mail*Link(r) SMTP Today’s Lecture,
Answering to Freuds

2:2:03 1996

Professor Jackson,

There was once a time when I was
in a state that can only be described as pre-Freudian.
Now that I’ve read too much from Freud, my mind/brain/thing-that-fills-my-head
is equipped with Freud’s apparatus of dream

my post-exposure-to-Freud head still sleeps, my unconscious is having trouble
finding a way past the censoring
preconscious; and only because my preconscious has been equipped to understand
the ways in which the unconscious will try and sneak by. My unconscious,
although not really being aware of much, has noticed this new resistance
and is finding ways to articulate parts of me in very unusual ways.
This unusual behavior is rooted in the
trying to manifest
in the conscious without being censored by the preconscious,
but this can only happen if my unconscious has somehow „spilled out“ of
its unconscious boundary.

 I know that Freud would like to talk to me, but
I don’t think he’d have
ything to say
(in psycho-analytic terms).

Is this a good enough rite
of passage


Click HERE
for a message from Tim Gilman one year later.

Click HERE
for another conversation resumed (Paul Bauman).

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