Chaos is Relative

Pssst – Here’s some games you can try yourself at home.- They’ll shift
your paradigm! 

Hands On Hijacking help with The
Time Machine

Time travel boring you to tears with the Oedipal
of Back to the Future? How about taking a spin in
the Space-Time
Travel Machine

Hands On Help with Mimsy Were
the Borogoves

Skeptical about the underlying premises of „Lewis
“ thesis in „Mimsy Were the Borogoves“? If you don’t think
that kids can accept a new set of rules to the universe (any
), take a little field trip to the Kid’s
Web – Math
. Even good old-fashioned geography classes leads to disorder.
Ask a simple question like How long is
the coast of Britain? – and what do you get? CHAOS!!! And if you don’t
believe me, let yourself be walked through it at the tutorial. 
If you are having trouble believing that toys and games could tranform
someone’s paradigms, try playing The
Chaos Game

    You might get adventurous across heteroclite
, taking  a virtual
trip the moon
of Henri
. and beyond the sheer
Beauty of Chaos
itself. You might start appreciating the little things
in life, like The Delights
of Chemistry
or the rush you get when you generate your own Lorenz
, you catastrophe
initial conditions, you.

 If things are too Euclidian
at home, take a stroll in the Iterated
Functions Systems Playground
or activate the Gestalten at Gallery
of Interactive On-Line Geometry.
If things are complex
don’t log off
– when in Virtual Rome do as the cellular automata do:
interact with  The
, the Complexity Lexicon maintained by the
. Every entry is linked to robust exhibitions that invite
levels of participation

    Thinking about the paradigms that hold
reality in precarious
, the chaos game presents a
double challenge
. Sure you feel uncertain and a little uncomfortable
when you first play it, you may not understand anything about it. But what
does it mean when you begin
to understand it
? What if you find yourself tapping into the creative
potential of chaos, even generating
your own fractals
? What does that do
to your contract
with the Newtonian
, and your lease with option to buy into the Euclidean 
? I doubt you’re in danger of being ripped out of your epistemic
community. You’ll never have to be as lonely as Scott and Emma Paradine
might have been in Glendale California in 1942. There are enormous networks
of alternative thinking people out there , like The
Chaos Group- Solid State Physics
Budapest, Hungary. Closer to home,
well, in Georgia {relativity,
remember?}, The Applied
Chaos Research Group
at the Georgia Institute of Technology is happy
to answer your every question, like:

is Chaos?

is the history of Chaos?

do you compute with distributed Chaos

do you compute with the nervous system of leeches

After all that interactivity, you might want to relax
with some contextualization references. Here’s a menu:

Eccentric Resources

as developed in ancient and classical Greece has a lot to do with the modern
technological revolution of the 16th
and 17th Centuries
. It also has a lot to do with the world views that
predominated in Western
European culture
until the advent of non-Euclidean Geometry, Einstein,
and the Quantum
physicists that followed him. Find out about Classical
Greek Mathematics
on this site, based on a special Exhibition at the
Vatican. I guess the popes wanted keepsakes of those scientists and thinkers
they sought fit to persecute, terrorize, and execute.

Eric Drexler. The Engines
of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

entire book online, available in several formats for easy download.


Einstein Resources.

Resources on the New

Resources on Mathematics.

Our Chaos Event Horizon.

A conversation on
Belief, Reality, and Philip K. Dick

conversation in progress

I stand corrected.

The Guide to the Course

The Guide to Week One

Earl Jackson, Jr.

To the Syllabus for Out
There: Science Fiction Practice and Theory