Internet Exercise 2

Internet Exercise 2

LTMO 115 Science Fiction Practice and Theory

Earl Jackson, Jr., Insistent Nonentity

Internet Exercise 2

„Do what I say, not what I do.“ – I am a big proponent of conversation. But the example I give of one on the Chaos page with Joshua Livni is an example (in terms of my flip, shoddy and totally unhelpful response) how NOT to conduct one. Both Joshua and you viewers out there (who will turn into participants presently) deserve a better response and one (or more) which not only continues the conversation but opens up untold numbers of phase spaces within and across it.

I’m not up to it, so as part of this Internet exercise, I would like each of you to do it for me (and actually for you). Here are the steps.

Steps to Internet Exercise 3

[1] In the Guide to Week One, reread the section on Thomas Kuhn’s theory of scientific revolutions, in particular the subsection in which I give as an example of a paradigm shift the response of the mathematician, Henri Poincaré to a challenge from the King of Sweden.

[2] Reread carefully Joshua’s letter to me, paying particular attention to his criticisms of my version of the the Poincare story.

[3] Familiarize yourself with any one (or more) of the META-search engines listed on pp. 25-26 of College Connections Web Resource Directory. The enclosed CD will connect you automatically with any URL listed or cited in the book.

[4]With the Meta-search engine(s) you have chosen, gather and collate material on:

(a) Poincare

(b) GÖdel

[5] Compile your information any why you find most user friendly, and print it up in hardcopy. Attach to this text, as an appendix, print outs of the results the metasearches yielded. And (here is the slight trick) be sure that the offprint shows not only the title of each site listed, but also the URL.

Click HERE for general resources.
Click HERE for resources specific to science fiction.
Click HERE for the results of Earl’s attempt to do his own assignment
Click HERE to see the instructional technologies I recommend in thinking through the issues raised in Lewis Padgett’s „All Mimsy Were the Borogoves„