Joanna Russ Links

Joanna Russ Links

Joanna Russ Links

“ You are just the same.“
Joanna Russ’s Useful Phrasebook for the Tourist
From the section entitled, „Insults“

Joanna Russ

The Unofficial Joanna Russ Page

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia

Critical Essays on Joanna Russ

Joanna Russ the Catch 22 Entry (Spanish SF site)

To Write Like a Womanthe Indiana UP catalogue description of this invaluable collection of Russ’s writings on feminism, writing, science fiction, writing science fiction, etc.

PostModern Speculative FictionA course at Virginia Tech with an Online component (remind you of anything?)

Women’s Rights and Women’s Images in Science Fiction

Thesis progress update on a graduate student’s thesis on Russ

Auteur Joanna RussA French SF website

Joanna Russ – Biography

Joanna Russ – Interviews

Joanna Russ – Collected Short Fiction

Joanna Russ – Novels

Joanna RussBrief biography and bibliography from A2Z.

Outline of Thesis on Joanna Russ

Why, Jeannine? A prospectus of a thesis-in-progress on The Female Man, focusing on Jeannine.

Joanna Russ Entry (in Swedish)

Joanna Russ(in Finnish)

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