Science Fiction Resources

Science Fiction Resources

Science Fiction Resources

The Science Fiction Foundation Collection Homepage This is part of the Science Fiction Foundation Information Page of the Science Fiction Collection at the University of Liverpool Library. No matter what you want to know, or how casually or earnestly you plan on researching it, always start here. These are really dedicated people, and the site is astonishing. We’ll be seeing a lot of this site, and its various components.

The Virginia Tech Online Speculative
Fiction Project (VTSF)
The scholars at VT are digitalizing a significant number of pulp fiction journals and venues for early to mid- science fiction.Keep your eyes on this site.


The SF and Fantasy Dungeon

Definitions of Science Fiction

The SF Book Database

ISFDB Magazines Menu


Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Books

An annotated bibliography of science fiction criticism

The Linkñping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive

Science Fiction Resource Guide

Feminist Science Fiction Resources

Science-Fiction/Quarante-Deux/Page d’accueil

SF/F Author Home Pages

The New York Review of Science Fiction Home Page

Catch 22: Science Fiction


//The SF Clearing House – Carnegie Mellon University

U of Michigan Fantasy and Science Fiction Page

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