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Samuel R. Delany Resources on the Net

Biographical Information

  • The Encyclopedia of SF Entry on Samuel R. Delany

  • The Illustrated SF Encyclopedia Entry for Samuel R. Delany

  • Samuel R. Delany -scholar/writer in residenceThe University of Minnesota English Department

Dedicated Web Sites

  • Samuel R. Delany

  • Jay Schuster’s Samuel R. Delany Page
  • . By far the best, the most informative, and most careful of the pages on SRD to date. I also recommend his bibliography, the URL of which I cite below.

  • Neveryona a Delany Page maintained by Forrest L Norvell.
  • HyperLiterature/HyperTheory is a site integrated with a course of the same name taught at the Virginia Tech. The course includes texts from Delany’s Return to Neveryon series of sword-and-sorcery tales. At least two new Delany Web Sites have emerged from this course so far, which I list directly below.
  • A Samuel R. Delany Site by Amy Freed, Virginia Tech
  • A Samuel R. Delany Page by Joseph Dietz, Virginia Tech

OTHER Engagements

  • Earl Jackson, Jr. „Imagining it Otherwise: Alternative Sexualities in the Fictions of Samuel R. Delany“Chapter Three of Strategies of Deviance

    • Alternative Sexualities in Science Fiction and Fantasy List

    • Neveryóna
    • A MOO based on Delany’s dystopian novel, Dhalgren, maintained at the University of Washington
    • Critical Fantasiesthe Web Site for a graduate seminar I conducted at the University of California, Santa Cruz, contains a large amount of material (mostly thinking-out-loud dialogic guidelines) on Samuel R. Delany’s autobiography, The Motion of Light on Water
    • Literary Criticism and Science Fiction Criticism

    • Samuel R. Delany Bibliographyas promised – Jay Schuster generously lists many more bibliographies on his Web site, but his is the best for what it attempts.
    • Delany’s Dirt: The Mad Man This is Ray Davis’s brave, thoughtful, and incredibly enlightening and disemburdening essay on Delany’s highly controversial, „pornographic&quotl; fiction, The Mad Man and Hogg – don’t miss this essay. It’s online and also in the collection of essays on Delany edited by James Sallis, Ash of Stars
    • Bruce Benderson on Delany as „Meta-Daddy“ in Dent
    • INTERVIEW WITH SAMUEL R. DELANY in Fugue, a literary/cultural journal from Idaho.
    • Information zu dem Buch Dhalgren; von Samuel R. Delany.
    • Samuel R. Delany – Dhalgren
    • Samuel R. Delany’sEssay in the Catalogue for Video
      , an exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.- But read this with a grain of salt bracketted. We’ll discuss what went wrong with the catalogue when we discuss Delany and the economies of exhaustiveness and valorization, because this is an excellent example (unfortunately) of both of them. If you don’t want to wait, you can find out in Delany’s three-part essay, „The Politics of Paraliterary Criticism“, recently published in three issues of the New York Review of Science Fiction

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