That Elusive Object

That Elusive Object

Object Lessons

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 19:47:54-0700
From: Vera
To: Earl Jackson, Jr.
Re: more on the object

hi earl,
Me again.
Yes, you reminded me of „Call It Steve“! Am I missing the point, or is he an elusive object of desire that can be replaced with just about anything, because what the „Earl“ character (you? I know the line between fiction and non-fiction can be blurred beyond all recognition. Semi-autobiographical? Maybe it doesn’t matter…) was looking for probably wasn’t there to begin with — affection.

I guess my questions are (and I haven’t read the story in well over a quarter, so please forgive me): why did Earl continue pursuing Steve, could Steve have been replaced by anyone (who was just as uncooperative in sharing affection, perhaps?), and for the author, why did you produce this story? Come to think of it, the last question might be the most important, for it was the first one that came to mind when I finished reading it. Obviously, the Earl(character) has a grasp on his mental process during the entire ordeal, so why not only type it all out, but why publish it?

I have my own theories about everything I’ve asked, but I’d really like to hear what you think. (Again, sorry for confusing fiction with non-fiction — and if it is the former, can you do creative writing thesis advising?) Another thing: I was reminded of the film That Obscure Object of Desire, where the main female character is actually two different women whó are continually switched throughout the film without the slightest break in the narrative. She is being sought by a man who receives little encouragement and even less affection from her, but who never gives up until she maliciously cheats on him right before his eyes.

anyway…please write back, I’m *very* interested now.


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