Oxydol Poisoning Introduction


Earl Jackson, Jr.

„Oxydol Poisoning“ first appeared in Names We Call Home: Autobiography in Racial Identity,Eds. Becky W. Thompson and Sangeeta Tyagi (New York and London: Routledge, 1995).

In this essay, I attempt to retrace the formation of my racial,
class, gender, and sexual „identities.“ My narrative is divided into three
chronological periods in my personal history, each period characterized
by a specific sociocultural microcosm: childhood focuses on „the home“;
adolescence and young adulthood focuses on „the school“; and mature adulthood
focuses on „the couple.“

The essay opens and closes with scenes from my
relationship with Gilberto Martínez. It is in my reflections on
that relationship I achieve a more complex understanding of the interpenetration
of these three chronologies in constituting various „presents,“ „pasts“ and „futures“.

I have digitalized and posted the entire text on this
site. The only difference between this version and the published version
is the formatting which I adapted for Web presentation.

Below is the navigation grid for the sections of the
text. You will find a smaller version of this grid at the end of each section
as well.

Professors Thompson and Tyagi were also the editors of Beyond a Dream Deferred: Multicultural Education and the Politics of Excellence (University of Minnesota Press, 1994), recipient of Gustavus Myers Award for Outstanding contribution to Human Rights in the United States. I have also digitalized and posted my essay that appeared in that volume, „The Responbility to Difference: Theorizing Race and Ethnicity in Lesbian and Gay Studies“


Jackson, Jr.

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