Freud’s Pre-psychoanalytic Career

and Psychoanalysis

Earl Jackson, Jr.


Freud’s First Sciences

31. March, 1881.  Freud
becomes a Doctor.


Freud becomes engaged to Martha

Freud leaves the Institute after
Brücke confronted him with some painful facts about Freud’s situation
in Austria: as a doctor without private funding and as a Jew, there was
no future there for him either at the Institute or in Academia. Freud became
a rotating intern at the Allgemeine Krankenhaus.

1. January 1884:. Freud becomes
a resident in the Department of Neurology. He worked in the
neurological laboratories
under Meinert. Under Brücke Freud had
nearly discovered the neurone. He sets as a goal to open a private practice
and become a lecturer in neuropathology.

engaged in study of medicinal properties of cocaine.

. . .
From 1880 until 1882, Dr. Joseph
Breuer had been involved with the case of Anna
, whose „hysterical“ conditions led Breuer to experiment with treatments
that would have far reaching implications.


Freud receives title of lecturer,
and a six-month month stipend to study in Paris with Charcot.

1886 Freud returns from Paris.
He gives a paper at the Vienna Medical Society on Charcot’s
on hysteria and focused on a case of hysteria in a male. Meynert
was outraged, claiming that it was preposterous to suggest a male could
be „hysterical.“ Freud was publically humiliated and found himself no longer
a member of the Meynert circle.


Freud meets Dr. Wilhelm Fliess,
an Ear Nose and Throat specialist in Berlin. Their letters
and their congresses begin.

1889 – Freud studied hypnotism
with Bernheim.