The ordeal continues

Although Twisted Tuesdays, the Dario Argento film series, was designed with this class in mind, attendance, like the „yip“ at the end of certain Macedonian songs, is optional.

Required and Optional Texts are available at the Bay Tree Bookstore. Reader One is currently available at the Copy Center, Communications Building.

Reader Two will be available shortly after I secure a copy of the by-no-means-accidentally-permanently-out-of-print Blood on the Moon.

There will be two in-class screenings of relevant films (neither of which are part of the Argento Series). Which films they are will remain a mystery, to generate suspense.

Those days are:

  • October 7, when Earl will be in Montreal, speaking at L’Androgyne
  • and then at the Sex on the Edge conference;
  • and November 5, when Earl will be in Iowa at the Power, Metaphor, and the WWW conference at Drake University.

These screenings are required.

„Rear Window“ and „Three O’Clock“ are short stories by Cornell Woolrich, included in Reader One.

All other titles in quotation marks refer to short stories in Adam Klein’s The Medicine Burns.

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