Earl Jackson, Jr
Non-Innocent Pleasures
New Summer Screening Series
Thursdays 1.00PM  155-A Moore Hall
University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus
Free and Open to the Public
Begins June 5, 2003

FILM MARATHON 10. May 2003
St. John's Auditorium UHM Campus CLICK THIS.

Japanese Visionaries Film Marathon 3. May 2003
St. John's Auditorium UHM Campus CLICK THIS.
The 2003 
Joseph Chatwick Lecture

Cybersexual Outlaws and the 
Fantasies that Matter
Earl Jackson, Jr.
7:00 PM April 8, 2003
The Center for Korean Studies
UHM Campus
Sponsored by the English Department UHM
Free and Open to the Public
For Description Click the title or click THIS.
Blind Beast
(Masamura Yasuzo 1968)
Shinjuku Triad
(Miike Takashi 1995)

Selected Works of
Kawamoto Kihachiro
"I Miss You so I am": 
New Japanese Melancholias
Earl Jackson, Jr.
Friday, April 11, 2003
PLACE: Tokioka Room (Moore Hall 319)
The Center for Japanese Studies
Dr. Earl Jackson
Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Visiting Research Fellow, East-West Center
A selective examination of loss in three contemporary Japanese texts.
The loss will focus on three modalities (mourning, nostalgia and anxiety)
within the texts of Love Letter (a film by Iwai Shunji 1995); Dead or Alive Trilogy (films by Miike Takashi 1999-2001); and Kairo (Kurosawa Kiyoshi novelization of his own film).
Jackson is currently at the East-West Center working 
on a book on Japanese cinema, 1956-present.
ATTENTION: UCSC Film Series Winter 2003
Magnificent Obsessions
Tuesday Evenings 7 PM
Studio A Communications Building
UCSC Campus
Curated by Cole Akers
Free and Open to the Public
For Schedule Click THIS.
Battles with Honor: 
Fukasaku Kinji Film Marathon
9:00 AM - 5:45 PM
Saturday March 15, 2003
Architecture Auditorium
UHM Campus
Free and Open to the Public
Full Schedule Click THIS.
Peripheral Shadows
A Kurosawa Kiyoshi Film Marathon
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Saturday April 2, 2003
St. John's Auditorium
UHM Campus
Free and Open to the Public
Full Schedule Click THIS.
Pacific Edges
Screening Series Wednesdays 6.30 PM 
February 5  - March 12 2003 
Arts Auditorium 
University of  Hawaii Manoa 
Click This.
Lunch in the Dark 
Thursdays 12.00 Noon 
2121 Burns Hall
East-West Center
1601 East-West Road
Click This.
Screening Marathons Saturdays 2002
Thimann 3 UCSC Campus
From Japan, Korea, and India
October 26 2002 
Kurosawa Kiyoshi Marathon 
Cure (1997)

Charisma (1999)

Kairo (2001)

License to Live (1998)
November 9, 2002 
Life is Beautiful
Korean Film Marathon 
Peppermint Candy

Bad Guy

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
November 16, 2002 
Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Miike Takashi Marathon
Dead or Alive 
Visitor Q 
Ichi the Killer
November 23, 2002 
Jang Sun-woo and Ritwik Ghatak

Bad Movie 
A River Called Titash 
The Star-covered Cloud
Screening Series for Fall  2002
Critical Fantasies Mondays 7pm Thimann 3  Sept. 23-November 25
Swansong Cinema  Weds 7Pm  Oakes 105  Sept 18-November 27
Screening Series for Summer 2002
Pacific Edge June 19-August 28 2002
Courses For  Spring 2002
Japanese Postmodern
Seminar: Highsmith, Thompson, Chandler
Screening Series for Spring 2002
Yen Economies Mondays 7.00PM
April 1 -June3
Soc Sci I, Room 110
Variations Without a Theme Wednesdays 7.00PM
March 27 -June5
Soc Sci I, Room 110
Semiotics and Psychoanalysis Winter 2002
Screening Series for Winter 2002
Moving Hieroglyphs 7PM Tuesdays 
January 8-March 12, 2002
Classroom Unit One 
Rorschach Test Patterns 7PM Thursdays 
March 12, 2002
Media Theater 
UCSC Campus
For a Streamlined schedule of Both Series:
Screening Series for Fall 2001
Monday Noir 7Pm Mondays 
Sept. 24-Nov 26, 2001

Media Theater 
UCSC Campus
Two-Way Spectacles 7.30 PM 
Sept 26-Nov 28, 2001
Soc Sci II 
Room 75 
UCSC Campus
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